Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Intro to EOs

Five years ago...my first experience using EOs (essential oils) and I haven't looked back.  I have always taken care of our family's health needs at home as naturally as possible using herbs and supplements.  When I became pregnant with Samuel (5yo) and started seeing my midwife for the first time, she introduced me to doTERRA EOs and I am so thankful.

I love them because they are so effective, simply to use, smell great and are used encourage good health, prevent sickness and disease and treat a wide variety of illnesses - minor colds, skin ailments, the flu on up to cancer!  doTERRA oils are the ONLY certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil there is.  FDA says oils have to be at least 10% pure to put "pure" on the label.  doTERRA does 3rd party testing to assure they are certified 100% pure therapeutic grade.  No additives, no fillers, no chemicals, no pesticides.  All organic grown.  I'll include the link to my online site at the bottom of this post.  It has information on exactly what EOs are, how they are processed and more.  You will also be able to use that link to sign up and start using them in your own family.  You'll be glad you did!

So, let's start with one of many testimonies we have using doTERRA oils in our family.  This one is from a few years back but we have continued to see the same results.

Most of you know that we don't "do" doctors and treat at home using herbs and other natural remedies. Last week my midwife share with me about using essential oils for every day health and illnesses. I have used them in the past but mainly just in things like diaper rash ointment and diaper wipe solution. I never knew about the other benefits.

Yesterday she (my midwife) offered to share some with me to use on the sickies here and on those of us that are still well. Connor was running a high fever of a little over 103 and ibuprofen and Tylenol were not taking it down. So, I called her and asked if one of the ones she gave me would work to take a fever down. I did and she told me where on the body and how often to apply it.

During the night Connor woke up with a high fever of 103* again. I went and got the peppermint oil and applied it to the back of his neck and the bottoms of his feet. After just two applications within a 30 minute period - his fever was gone!! It was awesome! Medication takes much longer to work if it even does. He also had a dry cough so I applied a blend of oils that she had given me and it stopped immediately!!

More questions?  Please feel free to email me goodhues@msn.com.  You can also take a hop on over to my site to learn more.  I'll be back with more testimonies!



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