Monday, October 5, 2015


Operation Bring Nikolai Home is a go! 

Since getting the news that we did, indeed, get our dossier deadline extension *insert happy dance*, we have been brainstorming fundraiser ideas to raise the money needed for our Dossier, which is where we got this idea!  Now, we're not the first to do a fundraiser of this type, but it looks promising so we're gonna give it a shot! :) 

SO! We're going to have a giveaway, and the prize will be...*drum roll* A Grey & White Chevron Tula Standard Baby Carrier!  These retail at around $150, but you could win this carrier for $10!  Great deal, right?  

How It Works: 
Entries are $10 each.  
A $10 donation to our Youcaring (located at the bottom of this post, as well as the right hand side of the blog) will get you 1 entry into this giveaway. 
So if you were to donate $50 you would be given 5 entries.

We will not draw a winner for this carrier until we reach or exceed $500. (Our Youcaring will read $7,328)
This means we will need at least 50 people to donate $10, or people to purchase multiple entries.

Once we reach $500 we will give a "grace period" for a few days to allow other entries to be bought.

You can purchase as many or as little entries as you would like, naturally the more entries you purchase, the greater your chance at winning the carrier will be.

When you enter this giveaway you will be supporting our adoption of Nikolai, and we're so grateful for that!  We still need $2,767 to reach our Dossier goal, before the end of November, so we're praying that this fundraiser is a success, as it will help cover some of that $2767.

Once we've reach and/or exceeded $500 we will draw winners using
Please be sure to include your email with your donation, we will be using email to contact the winner! :)

You can receive one free entry if you share this fundraiser on your Facebook.  You must comment on this blog post stating that you shared this post, or it will not count as a free entry. 

Please, share with your friends and family!  Encourage them to enter, and participate! 

We are so grateful for all of you!  Thank you, for playing a part in our journey! :) 


  1. I've shared on facebook! Just now saw that gets a free entry ;)

  2. Oh hey! I shared it, too. The day I donated.

  3. Donated $20 and shared on Facebook and Twitter. Great idea for a fundraiser!

  4. Donated and shared on facebook on Oct 7th.