Thursday, September 17, 2015

Adoption Update

Exhausted.  It's a good word to describe how we're feeling.  We have already had so many bumps in the process, and we're not even half way done.  We were hoping to travel in November, but our first homestudy agency backed out, very last minute, like, the day we were supposed to have our completed homestudy in our hands, last minute....we were upset, and devastated.  Luckily, we found another homestudy agency, and our new homestudy is just a few weeks (a month max!) away from being completed.  Whew!

We do have a prayer request.  I think it's important to be transparent with those of you who are supporting our adoption, either with your donations, or with your prayer, you should know everything that is going on.  We want to be real. So.  We have requested a dossier (the packet of documents that has to sent to Nikolai's country) deadline extension.  With our first Homestudy agency backing out, and our second agency saying the quickest they could complete our HS was in two months time, we knew we wouldn't meet our Dossier deadline.  Our deadline was on Saturday, the 13th, Our request was put in a good two weeks before our deadline, but we haven't heard from the team in Nikolai's country yet, so we're still waiting to hear whether we will get an extension or not. We're told the silence is a good sign.  Will you pray that we're granted an extension?  I'm trying to keep the mindset that God has brought us this far, He's provided funds when we needed them, provided another agency when we needed it, and I'm believing that He's using these bumps to show His power and glory... He's brought us this far, He'll carry us the rest of the way, right?   We're anxious, but hopeful, and God is still good.

Adoption is not for the faint of heart, but if you're willing to endure the trials, to receive a priceless gift, a sweet life, then I urge you to step out in faith, and fight the good fight.

We love you all!  Thank you, for sticking with us on this crazy journey!

The Goodhue Family

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