Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So. Where Are We?

So where are we at in the process? 

Well we've had our physical exams done, our finger prints done, and we're raising the last bit of funds for our Homestudy.  We raised nearly $500 through our Mother's Day t-shirt fundraiser, we raise over $300 through The Apparent Projects bracelets, we raise $140 through a Yard Sale, we have a t-shirt fundraiser running, and are planning/opening a giveaway with some AWESOME items.  We've hit some mountains recently, but God is moving those mountains! 

I must say that we have really seen God work in and through this adoption.  He has tested our faith, trust, and hope in Him, He has shown His greatness multiple times and we're not even finished with our adoption!  We love seeing God work, we love seeing the people around us care and donate, we are so thankful for every single person who has helped in some way! :) 

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