Friday, April 3, 2015

Updates Are Fun

Writers's the worst.  I (Alyssa) have tried to write this post about 5 times now...but I open the blank page to write and all creativity and inspiration escapes me.  It's really unfortunate, but here I am tackling this much needed update!

Our Heart Attack For Charlie, which can be found over here on my blog, has claimed the walls of our dinning room, part of our kitchen, and a section of our formal living room.  There are 1,203 hearts on our walls, and that isn't even all of them!  We have more hearts to cut out, write on, and hang up, which will probably happen this weekend.  I snapped some pictures yesterday of our walls, I apologize for the orange-ish tint on the photos (artificial lighting, yuck!) but these photos show case the unconditional love that we have received from each and everyone of you who have donated!  God has blessed my family with an extremely generous support group, we wouldn't be able to bring Nikolai home (we chose a name did you miss the brief post? Name Reveal) without all of you!

Beautiful right?  Speaking of beautiful, we have bracelets!  Through the Apparent Project we have (or better yet 'had' we've sold a few) 150 bracelets handmade by Haitian mothers and fathers working to provide for their families.  These are crafted out of cereal boxes and did I mention that they're gorgeous?  We are selling these for $10 + $1 shipping (if you're not local), $5 goes to a family in Haiti, the other $5 goes towards our adoption of Nikolai.  Supporting two awesome causes, plus you get a stylin, handmade bracelet.  I say it's worth the purchase! ;)  If you're interested in buying one of these bracelets you can email me: and I'll help you buy one (or two, maybe seven?).

We ALSO have t-shirts (we're selling so many things, I know, I know), which support our adoption of Nikolai!  They are a very beautiful blue, just in time for spring! ;)  The shirts read '147 Million, Minus One'  referencing the 147 Million orphans in the world and the one less orphan that there will be when Nikolai comes home forever.  These shirts are available through the weekend, this fundraiser ends on Monday (4/6/2015)!

I'm probably forgetting something, but for now I'm gonna say that this is all! Nikolai says thank you, and so do we.  You all are such a blessing.

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