Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Fund-Raising: Yard Sale

This past weekend we held a yard sale to raise more funds, I think the total amount we made was $130.  So many local "friends" took the time to donate their unwanted clutter to our yard sale, and though I(Alyssa) personally am not a fan of yard sales, we got up at 6am (well mom and dad got up at 5am), poured our coffee and got to work!  We sold quite a bit of the stuff and had a wonderful morning sitting outside chatting with each other, as well as friends that stopped by to say 'Hello!'.

God has blessed us immensely thus far into our adoption, and we're all so anxious to see Him provide throughout the rest of our adoption.  I didn't take many pictures on Saturday, but I did snap a few so that you all could see our efforts. :)

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