Thursday, April 21, 2016

Getting Closer!

Many have asked so I figured an update is in order.

* When are you planning to bring him home?  Hopefully, July.  We won't get travel dates for a while yet.

* How much more do you need to raise?  $13,000.  That number scares me, honestly.  However, I look back at where we started and see that the Lord has provided over half of the adoption costs thusfar so, I am trusting that He will finish this off.

* What are you doing to raise funds?  Currently, I (Maria) am making tote bags and selling them.  We have also applied for grants.  I am selling, selling and selling what I can to add to our fund also.

We have been so blessed by the matching grants that we have been offered though!  The first one was a $1000 matching grant which we met!  We were offered a $250 matching grant which we were able to meet, as well.  Currently we have been offered a $200 matching grant which we are about $75 away from meeting. There are a few close friends that have continued to bless us financially, too and we are ever so grateful.

As far as paperwork goes, we are waiting on approval from the US govt to say yes, Theo is eligible for immigration to the United States.  Once that happens, we wait for the courts in his country to say he is legally ours and then we go pick him up.  The last three months of pregnancy drag on and I will say that the last three months of an adoption is no different!

* Prayer requests from our family...

~financial provision - $5200 is the first immediate need.  It is the amount we have left to pay our adoption agency.  It has to be paid before we receive travel dates so we need to have it paid by the end of May. The rest of the money will be for travel and in country expenses and visits by the homestudy agency after he comes home.

~blessings over Theo's foster family - They have taken such good care of him since December.  Larry and Alyssa said that they are such a sweet family so we want to see the Lord bless them for loving him until we can bring him home.

~patience as we wait - This is difficult especially for me and the kids.  None of us have met him but have seen the videos and pictures that Larry and Alyssa sent while they were in his country.  He is such a cutie and I just can't wait to hug and kiss him! <3

Thank you again for all of the prayers, encouragement and donations. We are where we are because you all have stepped up.

Here is the link to our Sponsorship Page on Reece's Rainbow where we first saw him .

We are so close to bringing him home and I just can't believe it. :)

His sweet little hand in his (soon to be) big sister's hand...

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