Friday, November 13, 2015

God Sized Miracle

This adoption has stretched us in so many ways and we want to always be honest and open with you.  Finances are a ginormous part of adoption, no family just has $30K lying around, which is why many adoption families fundraise continuously to raise their child's ransom.  Since saying "yes" to adopting Nikolai, we have raise over $7,000 that covered the costs of our Homestudy, finger prints, notarizing documents, apostilled documents, more finger prints, our second Homestudy when our first fell through, and so many other things.  I'm still in shock that you have so generously donated $7000 to ransom Nikolai.  God has blessed us so graciously, more than we ever deserved.  God is so good.

But we need you to pray with us that God will work a ginormous miracle.  We thought that the only funds we needed before the end of the month was the $1957 for our Dossier.  But Yesterday morning we realized that there's a document that is required for our dossier and in order for us to travel to Nikolai's country, that is going to cost $975 which is practically another thousand that we need as soon as humanly possible.  We owe you an explanation, we owe you an update, and this is it.  This is the miracle that we need.  We're working tirelessly to raise these funds, but if we are being completely honest with everyone, it is going to take a God sized miracle to raise this amount of money in 2 weeks.

Just a little bit ago I watched a video on Facebook, from a mom who is traveling to meet her little girl tomorrow morning (Congrats, guys!!), and in her video she said "When I ask for Miracles I make them happen, I give it to God, I work my tail off to do my part, and miracles happen."  I love that. I love her positivity, I love her determination.  What an inspiration she is to us.  We have 4 different fundraisers currently running, and we're doing our part and giving it to God.  We wont stop fighting, pushing, shouting, until he is home.  "No" isn't an answer we'll accept from anyone, we want our baby home and we're determined to bring him HOME.

Pray with us friends,
we love every single one of you,
The Goodhues