Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Family. Food. doTERRA. Coffee

We're a family that loves food, doTERRA oils, and most importantly coffee!  I (Alyssa) decided it was time that the Goodhue family had a blog to post on.  My mom has never been much of a blogger, I myself love blogging.  I plan to get her addicted to it, as I am.  Anyways, I'm hoping that this will continue to be an active blog, and you all will get an inside look on the big family life.

We will be posting pictures, lots of pictures, adventures, silly things the kids did or said, how useful doTERRA oils are, sharing recipes, testimonies and life lessons, family outings, or our big 2 week shopping trips! :)

So stay tuned and keep checking back, for more updates!  Leave us some kind words in the comment, or a question about big families! We'd be happy to answer any questions for you! :)

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